Going mechanical…

I’m geeking out over my most-recent nerd upgrade.  A mechanical keyboard.  And not just any mechanical keyboard, but a mechanical keyboard designed specifically for programmers.


The funny thing is that this will probably end up being at work 90+% of the time, since I don’t actually do a lot of programming at home.  (But maybe that would change if I had a keyboard like this.)  Anyway, my work keyboard is just a cheap generic HP keyboard that came with my PC.  I swapped it out for a Microsoft Natural Keyboard for about a week before switching back.  But the cheap keyboard isn’t pleasant to type on.  Indeed, I would prefer my laptop keyboard to the one I have at work.

So I’m joining the keyboard cult (a term used by Jeff Atwood, co-creator of the CODE keyboard).  I’m pretty excited about it.  I spend 90% of my working day in from on my computer, and probably 90% of that with both hands on the keyboard.  If this makes that time more enjoyable, then I’m all in.  I just hope the keyboard isn’t too loud.  I mean, a little bit would be great, but not too much.

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