Putting out Fires…

Well, it has been a little while since the last time I blogged. I’d like to like to say it’s because I’ve been busy exercising or developing something cool. But it’s not that. It’s Borderlands. I’m not ashamed (in fact, I’m quite happy with this), I’m just informing.

Work has been crazy. Boring for blogging, but crazy. Plus, I can’t say stuff that’s going to get me in trouble.

In slightly less boring news, we ended up returning the Fire tablets that Sav and I got for Christmas. When they don’t do what you really want, there’s no reason to keep them around. Sav would like an iPad. I would like a Nexus 9 tablet, but it’s not something that I need. It would probably be faster than this netbook, but no keyboard and twice the price. You can’t argue with math, especially when it comes to $$.

I’m holding out for this Ghost blogging platform. Sometime soon they are going to update the editor. At that point, I’m going to decide whether I keep it or ditch it. I have to say that I like where it’s going and how the interface behaves, for the most part.

Ok, that’s enough boring for a single post. I’m thinking about making a major shift and start posting a bit more family/personal stuff. I shy away from it for privacy reasons, but I realize it’s a little paranoid. Not like you’ll be seeing selfies with me and my new credit card (gotta make sure I get two — one of the front and one of my signature, right?), but you might start seeing some cute pics of my kids. I’m really not sure if anyone but Sav reads this, but on the chance that you’re not Sav, and you don’t think that my posts are entertaining just because they’re from me, I’ll try and make them more work reading. Maybe you’ll even want to comment one of these days. Wouldn’t that be fun?

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