Windows 8 isn’t awful…

But that doesn’t mean I like it.

I bought a netbook around Christmas. I got a great deal on it, as far as size, RAM, and disk space. The AMD APU (processor) could use a boost, but it does OK for web browsing and email. And surprisingly, it’s able to remote into work very well, which was one of my main reasons for wanting a smaller device. Upon bringing it home, I immediately installed Ubuntu (Linux). But sadly, it couldn’t remote into my work. So I put Windows 8 back on. And although I’m constantly fighting with all the Microsoft Account crap, it’s actually been alright. But if my netbook didn’t have a touch screen, it would be retarded.

But what’s weird is the Windows Store, which sells “apps” for stuff like Facebook, which seems really pointless, since you have a full browser. And the last thing I want is for Facebook to have access to my computer. But probably the worst part is that Windows 8(.1) and all of its apps (e.g. OneNote) want to sync everything to the “cloud”. If you make your account a Microsoft Account, your WiFi passwords and email accounts are synced before you get a chance to disable the OneDrive sync and other sync settings. Annoying.

Well, after 2-3 weeks with Windows 8, I’ve finally almost got it setup the way I like. the only thing I can’t get rid of is all the crappy Acer branding.

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