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Atwood’s Law at work…


Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.
Jeff Atwood

Before working at the company, I had programmed mainly in C, C++, and PHP (and therefore MySQL).  During my interview, I said that my favorite programming language was C (and it was).  I had been working as both a web programmer and research assistant.  As a web programmer, I had done a few tricks with JavaScript, but the websites were driven by PHP and CSS.  I hadn’t yet discovered jQuery.  When I had to develop a network traffic blaster and receiver, I wrote them in C++.

Today, I write all webpages in pure JavaScript.  There is a single HTML page: index.html.  It only serves to load the necessary CSS and JavaScript libraries and application  The <body> is empty, except for a single onload="init();".  I use jQuery to build the DOM.  And I’ve recently started using D3.js to build data-driven documents.  Yesterday I stumbled upon Bootstrap, which I plan on integrating when I don’t need jQuery UI widgets.

And if I had to build that network traffic generator again, I would do it in Python, which is now my preferred non-web language.  If it’s not on the browser, I write it in Python.

This is a really boring post, but I’m going to post it anyway.

More exciting: I am playing Dead Space 3 (not as good as the first two–the first was the best), and Borderlands in now on my Steam Wishlist.

Investment opportunity?…

Email is great.  Spam filters are super great.  Yesterday, I actually looked in my spam folder, looking for an email I should have gotten.  It was there.  After marking it “not spam”, I glanced at everything else.  I don’t get too much spam because I worked hard to keep my email address from family members who send forwards (and I maintain that I never got one until I got a forward from my grandma).  So now, like everyone else, I get a lot of offers to increase my manhood and stamina.  I also had a bunch of spam from a crappy dating site where someone created a false account with my email.  Luckily, I was able to get the password and delete it (but not until after 48 hours–lame).  However, yesterday was different, because hidden between emails for Viagra knock-offs was this little gem: Continue reading Investment opportunity?…