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These are the people that made you who you are today: sarcastic and addicted to M&M’s. The people you love, even when it’s just because you have to. This category is for them — the best people ever.

Things to look foward to…

After my last post, I decided to write about something that doesn’t make me want to hurt Cougareat employees.

Here’s a list of things I’m looking forward to:  (in no particular order)

  1. Sav’s last killer classes Monday.  (She doesn’t like being on campus until 7.)
  2. Last week of classes.  (I’m not in them, but Sav will be happier.)
  3. Only 19 days ’til Christmas!
  4. Christmas music!  (We bought more on Amazon.com.  The funny part is it’s all old stuff we grew up with.)
  5. Being back in school.  (If only because it means that I’ll be done sooner.  Also because then Sav won’t think I’m such a bum.)
  6. Getting a Caramel Apple Spice on our trip home for Christmas.
  7. Going to Lava Hot Springs again.
  8. Going to Cold Stone with my family.  (I must have the cinnamon bun batter ice cream again!)
  9. Eating Christmas goodies and food.
  10. The rest of my orange juice.  (There was more when I started this post.)
  11. Giving Sav here Christmas presents.
  12. Staying in Salt Lake for our anniversary and spending the day together.
  13. Not going to our ward for 2 weeks.  (To my ward: seriously guys, you need to stop spamming our email inboxes.  It only makes us hate you.)
  14. Decorating our Christmas tree tonight.
  15. Putting presents under said tree.

Well, that’s 15 good things I have coming.  Just wanted y’all (all 5 of ya) to know that I’m not a pessimist and good things do happen to me.

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Thanks for Thanksgiving…

Never before in my life have I needed to leave Provo so badly.  I think if Sav and I stay in this town for a day longer, people across the world will watch the news tonight and see that there was a mass killing in Provo.  This isn’t because we’re disposed to kill people.  Actually, we’re quite pleasant.

The fact is that we are human and it’s been a stressful week.  And I know people can’t read our minds and know that we’re stressed, but sometimes those people get on our nerves.  And believe me, they would be the first to go when we snap.  (Maybe I should stress that Sav and I aren’t going to kill anyone.  It’s a figure of speak and a joke.)  But the stress is real.  The short fuses are real. And the people who are getting on our nerves are real.  And because they won’t go away, it’s time to get out of town.  Or we will snap in the form of words (a good deal of which might be profane).

So this year, I’m thankful for Thanksgiving.  Even if Thanksgiving is with my future in-laws who have the unique ability to stress my fiancée beyond any others.  Hopefully things go smoothly and no one gets hurt.

By the way, I love Thanksgiving.  Second to Christmas.

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Only one more week…

…before Thanksgiving break, which means that I’m only 9 days away from being able to listen to Christmas music.  I love Christmas.  More than my own birthday.  And along with loving Christmas, I love Christmas music.  I probably only have about 5 CDs on my iPod, but I will listen to them tirelessly until New Years.  (I love Christmas music so much, I usually break down around June or July and listen to some to tide me over.  It’s probably taboo, but I don’t care.)

Along with being allowed to listen to Christmas music, Thanksgiving will bring trip #2 to Sav’s family.  Last time I met them (trip #1, obviously), I asked her dad for his daughter’s hand in marriage.  And he hardly knew me, so I guess I am thinking of this Thanksgiving break as an opportunity to get to know them better, and a chance for them to get to know me.  I’m sure it’s strange to think that your oldest daughter or sister is going to marry some guy that you’ve really only met once and spent only a few hours getting to know him.  So hopefully they can get to know me as I get to know them.  And hopefully they still like me.

Last, and probably still least, next week brings the BYU vs. Utah game.  The first that I will attend in my 4 years at BYU.  This includes a year that I had a ticket to the game.  Hopefully BYU can hold their home ground, since they’ve already failed to do that twice this year.

Well, it’s going to be a good vacation, as long as I can get everything done in school before the break.  Why my teacher thought it would be nice to assign a paper due right before vacation, I don’t know.

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A weekend wrap-up…

This last weekend was so much fun.  I’ve heard and read that you should marry your best friend.  Well, I’ve got that one covered.  Everything is more fun with Sav around.

We went up to Idaho this weekend to see my family.  My mom and sisters wanted to throw Savitrii a bridal shower, so Saturday my dad, grandpa, and bro-in-law headed to the indoor shooting range for some paper killing.  Good guy stuff while Sav got to know some of the women in my family.  I put a lot of lead through the head of my target.  My grandpa out-shot all of us.  Everything he shot was in a nice little group in the middle of the chest.  Being a life-long hunter and ex-police officer, it’s not a surprise, but I was still mad impressed.

Once we got back, Sav showed me all the loot we got.  I’m not sure how much if any of my family reads this, but if so, THANKS!  The closer we get to the big day (47 days), the more I realize that all those gifts are life-savers, because getting married and being married costs money, and all those gifts help tons.

This weekend was highlighted by my first trip of the year, and Sav’s first trip ever, to Lava Hot Springs.  There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in those hot pools.  That was a lot of fun too because my sister Roxy and her husband Spenz went with us and gave us some advice….

The weekend was awesome.  I wish everyone could marry their best friend.  I can’t wait to marry mine.  47 days.  November is half over.  In a little over a month, Sav and I will be done with classes and just have to get through the holidays.  Christmas is going to rock this year.

Today I was thinking about how the closer we get to our date, the more and more 1 day seems to make a difference.  I’ll probably make a post with the table I had in mind.

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Awesome in weekend form…

Just a quick update to the world. This weekend I went home for family pictures. Sav came with me to meet my family. Unexpectedly, she met not only my immediate family but also both sets of grandparents. And that turned out to be pretty cool because my grandparents are cool and so is Sav. I’m pretty sure they all love her more than me.

I also had help fixing the horrible squeak that my car was making.  My dad helped me install new brake pads. Well, to be honest he did the work, but I did learn for next time. How he knows how to do these things I’m not sure, but he managed to save me at least a hundred bucks I would bet. I need to learn these things.

Oh, and there was one amazing General Conference. Elder Bednar gave my favorite talk this time.

All added up to be the most awesome weekend. Ever.

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Not a carpenter…

Today I learned that I have chosen a major that suits me.  I was asked by my father to help my grandparents put a new window in their basement… it was quite the adventure.  I had never installed a window before — in fact, as I’ve never owned a house, I’ve never had to do house repairs or improvements.  While I’m sure I’ll do better when I have my own house, I learned quickly that I haven’t been naturally gifted with the skills needed to install this window.  It’s good I’m studying computer engineering instead.  Nuff said.


Last night, after the day of yard selling, my cousins (cousin and wife) took me out to the Cheesecake Factory to thank me for my help in all the yarding and selling.  Two words describe this place: excellent and delicious.  I had the Burrito Grande.  So good.  The Orange Chicken, which I sampled from my cousin’s plate, will be my next choice when I return another day.  We all got desserts, and all were wonderful.  The Lemoncello was my favorite, and the Red Velvet Cheesecake was second (neither of which was what I ordered — next time though).

This morning they made waffles.  One of the things I love about them is how they have their house decorated.  They even lay out the table nice for breakfast.  Best cousins ever!

Homemade waffles + homemade syrup = so good
Homemade waffles + homemade syrup = awesome