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Mouth watering goodness? Death by chocolate? Need I say more?

Morning report…

It’s late.  Or very early, depending on how you look at it.  The good news is that I will still be going to bed sooner than a coworker of mine.  The bad news is that he’s only 21, so he’s able to do the whole no sleep thing better than I can.

I’m up so late because Izzie’s muffins made me crave something sweet and cake-like.  So I made pancakes.  And boy were they good.  I wasn’t sure about the pecans, but they might have been the best part.  Oh, and mini-chips work much better in pancakes than regular chips.  And the secret with the chips is not to add too many.  They were probably the worst thing I could make at the worst time to eat them, but I have no regrets.  None.

In other news, I keep hearing fireworks.  One a few minutes ago was pretty loud.  I really don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night because of 3am fireworks.  Speaking of which, I should actually go to bed now.  Good night interwebs.

One of these things…

Have you tried Jamba Juice’s oatmeal?  It’s the best oatmeal I’ve ever had.  Too bad it’s organic.

However, I have a beef with either Jamba Juice or just the Jamba in the SAB on BYU campus.  Three or four times now, I’ve gotten the oatmeal.  It’s yummy and makes my tummy happy.  But the employees there do not.  Each time, I end up with far less oatmeal than I expect.

Today I asked, “Is there supposed to be less oatmeal than the pictures?”  Guy employee (who never looks happy to be there): “You’re supposed to have enough space to stir.” Um…  I don’t stir…

After I got the oatmeal, I said, “I feel skimped, because it doesn’t look like the picture.”  Girl employee (who at least looks happy to be there): “Well, that one has bananas.”  Well duh!  I’m at least that smart.

When I then directed her attention to the serving size: “Well, if it’s wetter, it will look more flat.”  Um… I don’t think that had as much to do with it as just not giving me more than two scoops.

And now the damning evidence.


What Jamba advertises (from their website):

Now that's a bowl full of oatmeal!
Right up to the rim. Just how I would like mine.



But this is what I got:

Wait...oh...yes, there's the oatmeal, barely visible.
Clearly I'm being misled. All I did is take out the spoon.



I think I’m fully justified to be bugged each time I leave–justified to think that I got less than what I just paid for.  (Especially since BYU’s Jambas never do any of the local promotions or even national promotions like the Jamba card.)  If it was only $1 like the rest of Jambas around here, I’d be ok with it.

Now comes the funny part.  I’m not actually sure I could eat more than what I’m given.  So this begs the question: is it only supposed to be a wimpy size?  Then why so expensive?  Why the overflowing pictures?  WHY????

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Chris Merritt rocks…

This weekend has easily been the best weekend of my life.  Friday was date night.  Started off looking for sustenance.  Went to Jason’s Deli–always a winner.  Then Sav and I went out to the Riverwoods to see 9.  We were a bit early, so we stopped at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  The Apple Pie Apple is probably my favorite thing to eat.  (Though the southwest burrito from Jason’s was very good too–recommended.)  So after buying apples and some new clothes, we headed to the movie.  We liked it.  Very visually appealing, very good story telling.

We also saw the previews to the new Christmas Carol film coming out from Disney.  Looks amazing (credit I think goes to the company Disney has working with them).  Also, Surrogates looks pretty cool.  We’ve added these two to the Perpetual Movie List.

So after snogging Sav in the parking lot at the Riverwoods, we came back and hung out.  Awesome Friday.

Saturday–started with french toast breakfast.  I love my new griddle!  One of the best $20 ever spent.  Nicely fed, we went shopping.  Sav is a great sister (not mine–that would make the aforementioned snogging something that’s only permissible in Bancroft).  She bought groceries for her brother–best sister ever.

The day continued with a quest to fix Sav’s internet connection so that her apartment could be connected to the world.  She’s got Comcast, and she was using an old Linksys cable modem/router with built-in wireless.  The modem kept losing its connection, and a tech suggested that we get a new modem, preferably a dedicated modem and a dedicated router.  Well, being who I am, I have multiple routers.  So I bought a new Linksys dedicated modem.  Using a Linksys router with DD-WRT I already had, I setup a new modem and router configuration that works.  Night and day difference, so if you have similar problems, I recommend this solution.  (That was boring, but I thought it would be handy if you have similar problems.)

This is getting long, but it was a great weekend.  After that small period of nerdiness on my part, Sav and I headed to Cafe Rio to meet my parents.  It’s pretty great to have your three favorite people all in one room.  Even better when that room is the Cafe Rio dining room.  My parents left me with an electic scooter.

Then the game.  The only fun part of that was being with Sav.  That’s all.

Then we took a nice walk to Velour to see CHRIS MERRITT.  He was great.  Probably my favorite live performance I’ve seen.  I highly recommend checking him out.  It was the perfect rounding out of a weekend.  And the perfect ending to a great Saturday.

Sunday was pretty chill.  Just church and then hanging out with Sav all night.  And that, my friends, is how you have the perfect weekend.

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Brinner fail and success…

Last night I tried to make brinner with disastrous results.  Six eggs and various ingredients later, I had only produced two eggs that were almost over easy.  The first 3 eggs went the way of the garbage disposal without producing food.  The 4th went the same way after I didn’t have enough flour to complete the pancake recipe.  I had cereal in the cupboard but swore not to eat it.

Well, tonight I had better luck.  I didn’t try eggs, and to make pancakes, I bought pancake mix.  (Just add water — pretty hard to mess that up.)  I went to my other apartment to make it with my other roommates.

Ms. Butterworth, 2%, and my mug
Ms. Butterworth, 2%, and my mug
Midori made great pancakes.
Midori shows her enthusiasm for pancakes.

This is the 2nd time in about a week that I’ve brought food and made it here… with the A/C broken… maybe I should bring salads until the A/C gets fixed or winter comes.  Probably a good idea.

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Last night, after the day of yard selling, my cousins (cousin and wife) took me out to the Cheesecake Factory to thank me for my help in all the yarding and selling.  Two words describe this place: excellent and delicious.  I had the Burrito Grande.  So good.  The Orange Chicken, which I sampled from my cousin’s plate, will be my next choice when I return another day.  We all got desserts, and all were wonderful.  The Lemoncello was my favorite, and the Red Velvet Cheesecake was second (neither of which was what I ordered — next time though).

This morning they made waffles.  One of the things I love about them is how they have their house decorated.  They even lay out the table nice for breakfast.  Best cousins ever!

Homemade waffles + homemade syrup = so good
Homemade waffles + homemade syrup = awesome

An excellent morning…

Today has the makings of an excellent day.  Let me list the reasons why:

  1. It’s 8:18 am and I’m already at work, making money, instead of in my bed furthering the vicious cycle of sleeping in and staying up late.
  2. I ate breakfast — usually doesn’t go hand in hand with being anywhere early for me.
  3. I woke up to a text from a beautiful girl.  Granted, she’s just a friend, but I’m still counting this one.
  4. I have a cold, open Dr. Pepper.  My father would be proud.
  5. It’s Friday.
  6. I’m going up to hang out with my cousin and his wife, and they’re just plain awesome.

The only thing that could ruin this wonderfully started day would be getting sucked into a 6 hour discussion about where to put chocolate in the warehouse.  But since that already happened this week, I think today will be ok. 🙂