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The people that make life work living. The people you couldn’t live without. The people you often times want to kill, but you don’t because they’re not quite family (though you often wish they were). This is for them.

Developments in social networking…

In the past couple days, I have learned two things.

  1. mod_rewrite is just about the coolest thing I’ve ever had the pleasure of learning, and makes me want to have my own web server more each day.
  2. Social networks are pointless if you hate everything you get in your feed.  And they might be pointless anyway.

And so that is why I have both convinced by boss to allow .htaccess files to be used on my latest project and deleted a number of people on Facebook that I had either already hidden or didn’t care to see their updates or didn’t care to have see my updates.  I’m pretty sure that within a month, I’ll have deleted my Facebook completely.

I guess I’m getting tired of checking my Facebook only to tell Sav, “Why does Billie Jean think anyone cares about this?” or “Why does Billie keep commenting on my status?” or even “I didn’t even know my and Ms. Jean were friends…oh, I had hidden her and kept her from commenting on my status…again, why are we ‘friends’?”

Call me crazy.

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What a week…

Wow, the first week of classes sure was an eventful one.  I’ve already completed an English assignment and two ECEn labs.  I have a group presentation on Wednesday.  This semester is going to keep me busy.

Of course, this week was made complete by yesterday’s awesomeness.  Can you say go Cougars?  Well, yesterday was a series of awesome: started with me working on a group lab for my Embedded Systems class.  We finished that in about 2 1/2 hours — really quickly from what I expected.  Then the game against Oklahoma.  One word: AMAZING!  (My favorite part of the game had to be when the announcer made fun of the backup quarterback’s “11-hair mustache”.  I had to return a movie after, so Sav, Midori, and I headed to the nearest RedBox with the horn honking in celebration.  Hit up Cold Stone, then finished off the night with a black light dance party.  I agree with Sav.  Best Day Ever.

Brinner fail and success…

Last night I tried to make brinner with disastrous results.  Six eggs and various ingredients later, I had only produced two eggs that were almost over easy.  The first 3 eggs went the way of the garbage disposal without producing food.  The 4th went the same way after I didn’t have enough flour to complete the pancake recipe.  I had cereal in the cupboard but swore not to eat it.

Well, tonight I had better luck.  I didn’t try eggs, and to make pancakes, I bought pancake mix.  (Just add water — pretty hard to mess that up.)  I went to my other apartment to make it with my other roommates.

Ms. Butterworth, 2%, and my mug
Ms. Butterworth, 2%, and my mug
Midori made great pancakes.
Midori shows her enthusiasm for pancakes.

This is the 2nd time in about a week that I’ve brought food and made it here… with the A/C broken… maybe I should bring salads until the A/C gets fixed or winter comes.  Probably a good idea.

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I hate yard sales…

If there is one thing I hate, it is the idea of going to someone’s house and rummaging through their junk and paying them money to take it off their hands.  I admit, some people find this exciting and like it because they can get a “good deal”.  My hat goes off to the people who can find the good yard sales and manage to come away with a prize.  I would rather buy new.

Tonight (technically yesterday now), I found something worse: people pawning off all of their crap on you when you ask them to help you in a fund-raising yard sale.  We literally have crap that even Deseret Industries would be skeptical to take.  I was in luck and found a brand new Crock-Pot and claimed it.  But I’m pretty sure that came from my cousins (the ones doing the yard sale).  Some of my favorite items were the ugly yellow nighty, the mattress cover (for when your kids pee the bed) complete with stains, the 10-year old satellite receiver guaranteed not to work, the broken dollar store measuring cups, the book that came with a Chick-a-Flick kids’ meal, and a slip I called a nighty that belonged to my cousin’s wife’s sister (who was right there – awkward).  After hours of sorting junk and trying to make things look presentable, we finally called it a night and stowed it all back in a two-car garage.  It’s a very full garage.

I don’t like yard sales, if you haven’t already caught that (but I think I’ve made that clear from the beginning).  I’ll be glad when we’re done tomorrow.  I merely hope we can raise some money.

Even though the day ended in yard sale stuff, it was a good day.  Work at the factory went alright.  Everyone has been working hard.  Well, almost everyone, but no one is surprised.  I may have to do some yelling and cursing before things get done — but I guess that’s the responsibility of being king. Being lax will get me nowhere fast.

I’ve found that work is always better when you have someone to chat with who is also at work.  I took a journey with Savitrii to some great youtube clips.  Work will also be more enjoyable because I can post about it whist I’m there.

But alas, it grows late, and I must wake in a mere four hours.  Good night world.

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