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Some things are more fun that others. They earn this tag.

Easter eggs, part 2…

I promised that I would take a picture of my old computer, now used by another programmer.  Without further ado:

Easter Eggs
Very festive…once a year.

The thing that I find funny and ironic about this is the fact that if I were to start a job and my computer had this background, I wouldn’t do anything else until I figured out how to change the background.  (Unless of course it was Easter, in which case I would leave it for a week or two, then immediately change it.)  It wasn’t hard to do–just a quick Google search told me how:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/com.apple.loginwindow \
DesktopPicture "/Path/To/New/Picture.jpg"

If I had access to the machine, I’d probably change it back, but the new programmer used and changed the password to the support account instead of creating her own account.  Guess I’ll just have to single-user-mode the computer and get in that way.

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Castle crashing…

I like, possibly (probably) even love, video games.  It’s been this way ever since I played my uncle’s Nintendo Entertainment System, then his Sega Genesis, then my Nintendo 64, then my PlayStation 2, to my PC desktop, all the way to my current PlayStation 3 and Windows laptop.

Sav, on the other had, does not love video games.  She has fond memories of just a few, and loathes a few others.  She likes when I play with headphones, especially if I’m killing necromorphs or anything with repetitive gun sounds.  She did watch me play Bioshock 2 and thought the story was awesome.  And it was.  (Bioshock 1 has an even better story.)  Dead Space is another great game, great atmosphere, but not the kind of game she’d care to watch.

But recently, I got her to play a simple smash-em-up game called Castle Crashers, and it’s been fun.  I also got her to play some LittleBigPlanet, and I should probably get the second one too.  The games she’ll play with me may not be my favorites if I’m playing alone, but playing together is tons of fun.  Some day, I’ll get her to play Minecraft and Portal 2 too.  (And hey, some day, far, far away, maybe someone will play Left 4 Dead (2) with me.)  We’re working up to it.

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Easter eggs…

I don’t know what made me do it.  I think that I just wanted to leave my mark differently than everyone else.

I recently started working at my last job, programming web applications.  Though we’re under new management.  No longer are we Health and Human Performance Services.  Now we’re Campus Life Web Consulting.  Or something like that.

Anyway, right before I left, possibly as I was cleaning my computer on my last day, I decided that I was going to change the login image on the Mac Pro that I’d been using to be something besides the boring Snow Leopard background.  A quick Google search, and I knew just how to do it.  It was extremely easy too.  Then I just had to select my image.  I left in April, and I guess I still had Easter on my mind.  So I chose a very colorful DigitalBlasphemy.com image of Easter eggs.  Then I left and forgot all about my little bit of fun…

…until last month when I started working there again.  I didn’t get my computer back.  (In fact, I’ve given up a Mac Pro in exchange for a Dell running Linux (Ubuntu 11.10)).  It was when the person using my old machine logged out.  There it was, the most colorful background you could imagine.  And I smiled.

A picture is forthcoming.  A good way to test out the new WordPress app for Android and the Quick Photo feature.

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One quarter century…

Let me just start about by saying that I have the most awesome wife of ever.  She let me go pick out my own birthday present, a Playstation 3 game.  And she even let me get two because they were used and cheaper.  And to top it all off, she let me play them all night long.  Can you say, “Best wife ever!“?  I can.

But now it’s the next day, and I’m just 25.  But maybe I can still play my game…but only after So You Think You Can Dance.  Because Sav needs to have fun too.

For those of you who might be interested (I appologize for the majority who don’t), I got Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and [Prototype].  I’ve only played Prototype, because I know I’ll love R&C (I love the series).  Prototype is definitely fun.

Anyway, it was a good birthday.  I got to do everything I wanted to do: eat good food and cake and relax.

Bioshock 2 and Home Sheep Home…

This week, along with getting new Phones, Sav let me get a half-birthday present: Bioshock 2.  She even let me get the special edition, which is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever owned.

Happy half-birthday to me!

I bought it on Tuesday.  I didn’t play it until Saturday.  That tells you a few things: a) how much homework I had to get done during the week, and b) how much marriage has changed me.  If this had been my single days, I would have finished that homework by 11, and I would have played Bioshock 2 until 6 in the morning when I would notice the sun outside and make a mental note that I wouldn’t be going to class that day, and that when I get up to use the bathroom, I should send an email to my boss telling him that I’m ill today.  Instead, I went to bed by 11.  I also skipped class, but no Bioshock.

This weekend, Sav confirmed that she is indeed the coolest wife in existence.  She not only said, “You should play your game.”  She sat down and watched me, and when she learned the back story, kept saying, “This is the coolest game.”  Legit.

I started playing on Saturday, but only after I’d beaten this game.  Oh, I’m so hooked on flash games.

I’ve only played a few hours, but it’s definitely just as good as the first.  Only this time I haven’t spoiled the story line by reading the Wikipedia page.  (Did that on the first game.  Silly CK.)  I can’t wait to get more free time to play.  Oh–it’s such a good game!

A weekend wrap-up…

This last weekend was so much fun.  I’ve heard and read that you should marry your best friend.  Well, I’ve got that one covered.  Everything is more fun with Sav around.

We went up to Idaho this weekend to see my family.  My mom and sisters wanted to throw Savitrii a bridal shower, so Saturday my dad, grandpa, and bro-in-law headed to the indoor shooting range for some paper killing.  Good guy stuff while Sav got to know some of the women in my family.  I put a lot of lead through the head of my target.  My grandpa out-shot all of us.  Everything he shot was in a nice little group in the middle of the chest.  Being a life-long hunter and ex-police officer, it’s not a surprise, but I was still mad impressed.

Once we got back, Sav showed me all the loot we got.  I’m not sure how much if any of my family reads this, but if so, THANKS!  The closer we get to the big day (47 days), the more I realize that all those gifts are life-savers, because getting married and being married costs money, and all those gifts help tons.

This weekend was highlighted by my first trip of the year, and Sav’s first trip ever, to Lava Hot Springs.  There is nothing more relaxing than sitting in those hot pools.  That was a lot of fun too because my sister Roxy and her husband Spenz went with us and gave us some advice….

The weekend was awesome.  I wish everyone could marry their best friend.  I can’t wait to marry mine.  47 days.  November is half over.  In a little over a month, Sav and I will be done with classes and just have to get through the holidays.  Christmas is going to rock this year.

Today I was thinking about how the closer we get to our date, the more and more 1 day seems to make a difference.  I’ll probably make a post with the table I had in mind.

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Awesome in weekend form…

Just a quick update to the world. This weekend I went home for family pictures. Sav came with me to meet my family. Unexpectedly, she met not only my immediate family but also both sets of grandparents. And that turned out to be pretty cool because my grandparents are cool and so is Sav. I’m pretty sure they all love her more than me.

I also had help fixing the horrible squeak that my car was making.  My dad helped me install new brake pads. Well, to be honest he did the work, but I did learn for next time. How he knows how to do these things I’m not sure, but he managed to save me at least a hundred bucks I would bet. I need to learn these things.

Oh, and there was one amazing General Conference. Elder Bednar gave my favorite talk this time.

All added up to be the most awesome weekend. Ever.

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10 things to do instead of going to class…

Today I skipped class.  Was it the first time?  No.  Was it the last time?  No.  Did I mean to?  Yes.

I’ve skipped a lot of classes in my college days.  I think everyone should.  As I was skipping my class, I thought that there must be at least 10 things better than going to class.  I submit my views:

  1. Watch Hulu
    Did you not see the last episode of House or The Office?  Look no further.  Hulu is the answer to your qualms.  Only problem: you need sound, and headphones scream to your teacher, “I’m not paying attention.”
  2. Play Kongregate.com
    You can actually do this in class (and I do), but not in my English class because we don’t have the internet (which is sad, because I would).
  3. Blog
    Again, you can do this is class (like I am now), but the teacher often makes it hard to keep track of your thoughts.
  4. Visit your girlfriend at work
    This is my favorite.
  5. Get something to eat
    School requires you to use your brain, and your brain needs fuel.  Taco Bell, here I come.  Or if I’m smarter: J*Dawgs.
  6. Take a nap
    I hear that there are a lot of nice places to sleep around campus, but I’ve never found one better than my classes.  Nothing like a soothing voice droning on about real-time operating systems to make you fall asleep.  But like headphones, sleeping kind of tells the teacher you aren’t paying attention.
  7. Work
    Why be bored in class when you could be somewhere making money?  I’ve done this in the past, and it’s been very rewarding.  (CS lectures aren’t necessary to passing the class.)
  8. Go home
    The great part about this one is that you can combine it with a lot of the above items.  Want a nap?  Sleep in your own bed!  Want food?  Go home and make a sandwich instead of paying the Cougareat to make you one.
  9. Play Farmville on Facebook
    This one is included for only one reason: if you play Farmville, you probably won’t pass your classes anyway.  You can read into that what you want.
  10. Email your classmates for notes
    Included because I think people really do this.  I just laugh when I get emails from people begging notes.  (1) I don’t take notes.  (2) Even if I did, I wouldn’t share them with people who don’t go to class and take notes themselves.

So there you have it.  Ten things you can do instead of going to class.  A lot of these can also be applied to doing homework.  Between you and me, any of these would be better than going to my English class in 30 minutes.