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In order of descending awesomeness: Christmas, my birthday, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc., etc.


Happy Independence Day!

I was watching TV, but then everyone started lighting fireworks.  Lots of aerials.  And you know what?  Fireworks just aren’t as fun when you’re not watching them with someone else.

I’m laying on our bed, watching fireworks out the shadeless, blindless window of our bedroom.  It sounds like the wall beside me has some sort of broken water pump because of all the aerial explosions outside.  The neighbors on another block had a pretty impressive display.  I think they won the competition.  One of our neighbors directly behind our house had an aerial that I’m pretty sure exploded in the road.  That was scary.  I decided that if I didn’t see them light another within a couple minutes, I was going to walk over and make sure they didn’t explode.  Luckily, they kept on lighting them.

So really, I was told to write about something gooey and personal.  So I decided to write a little about my week alone.  And what a change it is.  (That’s a fragment, by the way.)

This is how my days usually go since moving and starting my job: I leave in the morning, usually rushing because I’m not a natural early riser.  (Part of it, I think is our bed because it’s too soft, but that’s just guessing.)  So I rush out and drive to work.  Then for the next 9-10 hours I’m at work.  I eat lunch there, and I maybe exchange a few texts with Sav throughout the day.  Either way, when I leave, I know that when I get home I get to see my family.  It’s become pretty routine.  I come home, say hi, kiss hello, pick up Chip, he touches the buttons on my shirt, I go change, we eat dinner, watch some TV, usually spend the night in, but the baby to bed, watch the rest of whatever we were watching (because usually we’re only halfway through a show because watching TV with a baby isn’t always easy), and then go to bed later than we ought.  Routine, maybe boring to some, but that’s my usual day.

This week, it’s changed.  I get up, get ready, leave (pretty much the same so far, but no one to kiss goodbye), work, come home, find something to eat, play a little video games, watch some TV, go to bed.  Really, it’s a lot the same, except I’m alone.  No little one to pick up and touch my buttons.  No wife to kiss when I get home, go to bed, and all the time in between.  I don’t like it.  Being alone in my house isn’t very fun.  Sure, I’ve got more “me time” than I know what to do with, and I can rewind what I’m watching without bothering anyone, but I would rather have my family here.

Fortunately, they’re having a great time.  And I’m getting along.  Last night I had Cafe Rio, and it was my free meal, so that was awesome.  And today I decided to actually take the day off instead of going into work (which was mostly due to the fact that I learned that the policy is for deadline crunches only, and that the company pays out double time off if you go in on a holiday, which I didn’t deserve for going in, had I gone).  So I got to sleep in on a Wednesday, which is pretty awesome.  And tomorrow is group lunch day, so hopefully we go somewhere tasty.  And most importantly, I get to see my wife and child in just 2.5 days.

So a little more about these fireworks.  I’ve decided that it’s kind of weird when you can hear a ton of fireworks  but not know where they’re coming from.  I hope that the fireworks stop sometime tonight, because I would eventually like to go to sleep.  Eventually.  (Plus, going to sleep means that I only have two more nights alone.)

Oh, and I want a muffin.  A blueberry muffin.  There are a lot of muffins in the episode I’m watching right now, and I really just want a muffin.  I don’t have muffin mix though, so instead I’m going to make chocolate chocolate chip pecan pancakes.  Never made them before.

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New year…

Happy New Year!

Today’s the first of many posts this year.  I’m cutting it a little close, but I couldn’t break my resolution on the very first day.

It was a bitter sweet holiday season this year.  Sav wrote about the bitter already.  The sweet came in the form of a new nephew.  He’s a cute little guy.  We spent the Christmas holidays with my family, with two little ones having their first Christmas.

I’ve been trying to get some, but not too much gaming in.  It’s hard to get more than an hour here or there, since there’s so much going on.  But I’ve managed to play through the main levels of Left 4 Dead 2.  I though Left 4 Dead was fun, but L4D2 just builds on it.  And it runs great on my laptop.

I’ve been trying to play another game, Crysis, too.  It’s aclaimmed as a must have, but I’m not feeling it or something.  I had to totally cheat just to make it any fun (made myself pretty much invincible).  And it can’t run at more than 20 FPS without looking pretty bad.  I’ll probably bag that game for now and just focus on Left 4 Dead and Dead Space for the rest of the vacation.

Speaking of which, it’s coming to an end all too soon.  And I still need to do so much (move my server and get rid of Facebook).  Oh, and an update in the Facebook department:  I think I’ve decided on the perfect system.  I’m going to “delete” all of my content that I’ve uploaded (nothing on Facebook ever really gets deleted), hide my profile from all but friends, and delete all friends that I don’t care to follow day-to-day.  I’d much prefer if everyone just had blogs that I could follow on Reader, and that everyone follow my blog if they care to know more that what I put on Twitter (which isn’t much).  But it’s a sad world in which everyone uses Facebook to update others on their life.  So I’m stuck either having a Facebook or not knowing about the lives of some of my old friends.  So I’m going to have Facebook, but only access it with my phone or something.  I don’t want to allow Facebook to track my on my computers.  Because they do that, and I’m not cool with it.

Anyway, Happy New Years.  I hope it’s good for everyone.

Things to look foward to…

After my last post, I decided to write about something that doesn’t make me want to hurt Cougareat employees.

Here’s a list of things I’m looking forward to:  (in no particular order)

  1. Sav’s last killer classes Monday.  (She doesn’t like being on campus until 7.)
  2. Last week of classes.  (I’m not in them, but Sav will be happier.)
  3. Only 19 days ’til Christmas!
  4. Christmas music!  (We bought more on Amazon.com.  The funny part is it’s all old stuff we grew up with.)
  5. Being back in school.  (If only because it means that I’ll be done sooner.  Also because then Sav won’t think I’m such a bum.)
  6. Getting a Caramel Apple Spice on our trip home for Christmas.
  7. Going to Lava Hot Springs again.
  8. Going to Cold Stone with my family.  (I must have the cinnamon bun batter ice cream again!)
  9. Eating Christmas goodies and food.
  10. The rest of my orange juice.  (There was more when I started this post.)
  11. Giving Sav here Christmas presents.
  12. Staying in Salt Lake for our anniversary and spending the day together.
  13. Not going to our ward for 2 weeks.  (To my ward: seriously guys, you need to stop spamming our email inboxes.  It only makes us hate you.)
  14. Decorating our Christmas tree tonight.
  15. Putting presents under said tree.

Well, that’s 15 good things I have coming.  Just wanted y’all (all 5 of ya) to know that I’m not a pessimist and good things do happen to me.

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One quarter century…

Let me just start about by saying that I have the most awesome wife of ever.  She let me go pick out my own birthday present, a Playstation 3 game.  And she even let me get two because they were used and cheaper.  And to top it all off, she let me play them all night long.  Can you say, “Best wife ever!“?  I can.

But now it’s the next day, and I’m just 25.  But maybe I can still play my game…but only after So You Think You Can Dance.  Because Sav needs to have fun too.

For those of you who might be interested (I appologize for the majority who don’t), I got Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time and [Prototype].  I’ve only played Prototype, because I know I’ll love R&C (I love the series).  Prototype is definitely fun.

Anyway, it was a good birthday.  I got to do everything I wanted to do: eat good food and cake and relax.

I can count them on my fingers…

People, it’s only 10 days until I get to start checking “Married” instead of “Single” on forms everywhere.  As the day gets closer, I’m having more of those “Wow, I’m getting married!” moments.  Ya know, the ones where you stop and pinch yourself just to make sure it’s all real.  Kinda crazy.

Anyway, what has yours truly been up to?  Not a whole lot.  We did go and see 500 Days of Summer on Monday, and we really loved it.  One of the best movies I’ve seen this year.  I’d recommend it to anyone, especially those in college.

We’ve also been working these past 3 days.  Campus is like a ghost town right now.  Everyone has left for the holidays–except Sav and I.  It’s kinda crazy.  We’ve also been moving more stuff into our place the first.  In fact, I’m completely move in.  And tomorrow we head up to Idaho to spend Christmas with my family.  We are so excited to just relax for the next 4 days.  A well-needed break.

It’s been a distracted Christmas season this year.  With the upcoming wedding, I pretty much keep forgetting that this is the time you say, “Merry Christmas!” to everyone.  Savitrii has promised that next Christmas will be so full of holiday cheer that I won’t even believe it.  I’m really excited to be close to a Christmas tree and family, so that it feels more like Christmas.  I promised Sav a Christmas tree next year, so hopefully our place the first will be more festive next year too.

Oh, we started getting wedding gifts the other day.  We got a $10 check in the mail, along with a card, from my great aunt.  Sav got so excited.  She was also very excited today when she checked our gift registry to find that someone had got us the toaster oven.  Pretty sweet, I gotta say.

Well, hopefully the holidays will be more post-worthy.  Merry Christmas!

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Thanks for Thanksgiving…

Never before in my life have I needed to leave Provo so badly.  I think if Sav and I stay in this town for a day longer, people across the world will watch the news tonight and see that there was a mass killing in Provo.  This isn’t because we’re disposed to kill people.  Actually, we’re quite pleasant.

The fact is that we are human and it’s been a stressful week.  And I know people can’t read our minds and know that we’re stressed, but sometimes those people get on our nerves.  And believe me, they would be the first to go when we snap.  (Maybe I should stress that Sav and I aren’t going to kill anyone.  It’s a figure of speak and a joke.)  But the stress is real.  The short fuses are real. And the people who are getting on our nerves are real.  And because they won’t go away, it’s time to get out of town.  Or we will snap in the form of words (a good deal of which might be profane).

So this year, I’m thankful for Thanksgiving.  Even if Thanksgiving is with my future in-laws who have the unique ability to stress my fiancée beyond any others.  Hopefully things go smoothly and no one gets hurt.

By the way, I love Thanksgiving.  Second to Christmas.

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Only one more week…

…before Thanksgiving break, which means that I’m only 9 days away from being able to listen to Christmas music.  I love Christmas.  More than my own birthday.  And along with loving Christmas, I love Christmas music.  I probably only have about 5 CDs on my iPod, but I will listen to them tirelessly until New Years.  (I love Christmas music so much, I usually break down around June or July and listen to some to tide me over.  It’s probably taboo, but I don’t care.)

Along with being allowed to listen to Christmas music, Thanksgiving will bring trip #2 to Sav’s family.  Last time I met them (trip #1, obviously), I asked her dad for his daughter’s hand in marriage.  And he hardly knew me, so I guess I am thinking of this Thanksgiving break as an opportunity to get to know them better, and a chance for them to get to know me.  I’m sure it’s strange to think that your oldest daughter or sister is going to marry some guy that you’ve really only met once and spent only a few hours getting to know him.  So hopefully they can get to know me as I get to know them.  And hopefully they still like me.

Last, and probably still least, next week brings the BYU vs. Utah game.  The first that I will attend in my 4 years at BYU.  This includes a year that I had a ticket to the game.  Hopefully BYU can hold their home ground, since they’ve already failed to do that twice this year.

Well, it’s going to be a good vacation, as long as I can get everything done in school before the break.  Why my teacher thought it would be nice to assign a paper due right before vacation, I don’t know.

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