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Wuv. Tru wuv. Also, kissing, dating, courting, sucking face, and general merriment with the lovelier sex.

Day 6…

It’s pretty freaking amazing how much you can love someone more one day than you did the day before.  I’ve been married now for 6 days, and I must say that I love it.  It’s a lot better than being single.  So for all you peeps wondering, I recommending finding someone you’re crazy about and that you get hitched.

However, cloud nine was destroyed when this giant jet plane of a cloud-buster called school greeted us yesterday.  We skipped out on the first few days, but eventually had to acknowledge that attending class was necessary.  We also realized work was important.  So now we’re back to the grindstone.

Unfortunately, having less stress from the wedding was countered with more stress from school.  Two of my classes have me in 3 different groups working on projects… which becomes just about impossible to plan.  Add in that we’re a group of 8 in one of them, and you’ve got a coordinating nightmare.  Oh, and my graduate application is due on the 15th…and I’m not sure who I will ask for letters of recommendation…I’m going crazy.

Oh, and Sav and I are both sick.

But this weekend we’re going to Idaho.  I think I’m going to apply to graduate school and them stop worrying about anything.  I think it’s a good plan.  I hope you agree.

Plus, we’ve been super blessed recently by a string of good luck in selling old books, mercy from councilors, registering for classes, and other such things.  So life is pretty good…just stressful.

Oh, and Avatar was awesome.  See it in 3D.  It’s worth every penny.  I need to see it again.  It’s for sure going on our shelves in Blu-ray.

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An end to single life…

I just got done choosing from the many scanned pictures that Sav so lovingly scanned for me and I cropped. We have put together a little slide show for the reception tomorrow and to save me the trouble of manually choosing every transition and picture order, we are just plopping all the photos together and saying to iPhoto, “Go, shuffle, repeat.” Now I’m in bed, blogging on my iPhone on the day before my wedding in about 12 hours I will be married. Everyone else is sleeping. Sav and I are in bunk beds, sharing a room with my sister and her husband. He is snoring. Sav is now trying to compete. He is winning.

So why am I writing a post when I could be falling asleep? Maybe because it is the biggest day of my life tomorrow and I can hardly believe it is finally here. I don’t know how well I will sleep. Tonight has the anticipation of 1000 Christmases. But hopefully I am exhausted and will sleep well.

If I don’t post in a while, it is because I am busy. I will be, after all, a newlywed. Happily married to the girl of my dreams. That is kind of awesome. In a really big way.

I feel like Hiro…

Hello my interwebial friends.  I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything good in about forever.  I’m also sorry that Sav has posted less since we got engaged.  We’re already transitioning into that boring married couple.  We’re not complaining, but we want you to know where we are once we’ve fully disappeared.  It seems that all we do now is post about being engaged and planning our wedding.  But that’s pretty much our lives.  We plan and coordinate and spend money so that everything can come together (our parents are also doing this–we love them so much).  And in the little remaining time, we try and get some homework done before we’re tired and just want to collapse.  We’re just hanging on, hoping we make it, and hoping our teachers will feel kindness in their hearts and let us pass their classes.

Here’s the funny part: we should have more than enough time to do all of this, because it seems like time is crawling by.  Time hasn’t gone this slowly since I was in the MTC for 2 months.  Actually, this seems slower.  So if time is going slower, shouldn’t I have more time?  Shouldn’t I be able to finish all of my assignments on time and still have time to catch a quick nap?  Well, no.

To top that off, I’m pretty sure that our roommates are starting to hate us.  We used to be cruel, heartless, love-hating people.  Somehow we’ve turned ourselves into this sappy, lovey-dovey, disgustingly cute couple that no longer cares about others’ PDA and has no problem with producing our own PDA.  Sav’s own mother commented on it.

If I had more interesting things to say, I would.  Maybe later.  Right now it’s lunch time, and I’m hungry. 🙂

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Oh the things to be done…

So it’s day 18 of being engaged, but only day 4 of having planned to get married 4 months earlier.  My brain is mush.  I’m somehow getting my assignments done.  I don’t know how, because I’m incapable of paying attention in class and I never do any reading.

Of all the things I have to do, here are some of the more important:

  • Apply for graduation — oh yeah, I found out this week I can actually graduate in April.  Crazy.
  • Get into a senior project class — I was in one, until they canceled it when the others were already full.  Can you say craptastic?  (This is kinda important as graduation depends on this class.)
  • Sell my apartment contract — I really think there should be a clause in all BYU housing contracts that if you prove you get married, you’re released from you contract and your deposit must be returned.
  • Find a place to live post-marriage — kind of really important.  My car is nice, but it’s no love nest.
  • All the while balancing visits between families and helping Sav with plans in any way I can (aka when she tells me).

I’m just grateful that Sav is like a super awesome planner and just wants to get things done.  We already have so much done: registered, gathering addresses, already looking at apartments, honeymoon booked.  We’ve got 65 days to ’til, but we’ll (and be that I mean she’ll) get everything taken care of.  I love that woman.

Yesterday we looked at an apartment.  We called at 7 something in the evening.  The owners were way nice, but they’d showed it to 5 other peeps/couples already that day.  They’d posted the listing on craigslist only that day.  It was small but nice, and we’re really hoping we get it.

Oh, yesterday was also a witness to the greatness that is Cafe Rio.  Sav had a busy, stressful day.  It was a perfect day for Cafe Rio.  It can never go wrong.  It warms the soul, lifts the spirits, and is pretty much the most delicious food I’ve ever eaten.

To my faithful readers out there (Sav and … …), I appologize for the scattered post.  As I said in the beginning, my brain is a soft, wet, pulpy mass.  I should recover eventually.

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68 is less than 188…

How funny is it that two weeks into our engagement, Sav and I find ourselves thinking “2 weeks down, another 27 will kill us”? Waiting six months more to marry the love of my life just wasn’t going to do, so knowing that 2 was less than 6, we started thinking we should move up our wedding date. Well, I started thinking that. Talk ensued. Prayer took place. And talking to parents was necessary.

After much talk, the best of which took place between Sav and her mother, we decided to go ahead with a new date. I believe her mom told her something to the extent that she had been expecting it the whole time and was just waiting. That was a relief.

So now we will be getting married on the 2nd of January instead of the 1st of May. Much closer.

Lesson learned: long engagements sound great and look good on paper but are no fun in practice.

Best decision ever…

The recipe to make the perfect day:

  1. Find someone you love.  Someone who steals your heart, even though it’s not stealing because you’re totally giving it to her.
  2. Take her to P. F. Chang’s.  Order the chicken lettuce wraps, the orange peel chicken, and the great wall of chocolate.
  3. Go for a walk up in the mountains (together).  I love the smell of fall.
  4. Ask that someone from from step 1 to marry you.
  5. Tell everyone you know that she said yes.

I tested it.  It works.  I love this woman!

Right after I popped the question.
Right after I popped the question.

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Cut off from the rest of the world…

The following is an email I sent Savitrii whilst in my English class yesterday, posted here for your amusement:

I don’t like when I don’t have some sort of connection to the rest of the world, through internet or cell phone.  Everyone in the basement of the JFSB would be the last people to know of a natural disaster.  If BYU campus were to be hit by a flood, I’d be a goner.  Seriously.  Everyone on campus would get that Y-Alert text that we get emails about, but not my class.  The first knowledge we would get of a flood would be the water coming under the door.  And you just know that water is going to flow right down those stairs and into the basement here.  I don’t think Sexitonium would make it.  But then again, I might not either.

Anyway, I’m just playing around with Gmail, because it’s the only thing that works right now, because of offline mail.  Pretty cool aye?


P.S.  I adore you.

P.P.S.  The teacher just asked, “Who uses rhetoric?”  And the response in my head was, “Your mom uses rhetoric.”  I’m like 12.  LOVE ME!

Chris Merritt rocks…

This weekend has easily been the best weekend of my life.  Friday was date night.  Started off looking for sustenance.  Went to Jason’s Deli–always a winner.  Then Sav and I went out to the Riverwoods to see 9.  We were a bit early, so we stopped at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  The Apple Pie Apple is probably my favorite thing to eat.  (Though the southwest burrito from Jason’s was very good too–recommended.)  So after buying apples and some new clothes, we headed to the movie.  We liked it.  Very visually appealing, very good story telling.

We also saw the previews to the new Christmas Carol film coming out from Disney.  Looks amazing (credit I think goes to the company Disney has working with them).  Also, Surrogates looks pretty cool.  We’ve added these two to the Perpetual Movie List.

So after snogging Sav in the parking lot at the Riverwoods, we came back and hung out.  Awesome Friday.

Saturday–started with french toast breakfast.  I love my new griddle!  One of the best $20 ever spent.  Nicely fed, we went shopping.  Sav is a great sister (not mine–that would make the aforementioned snogging something that’s only permissible in Bancroft).  She bought groceries for her brother–best sister ever.

The day continued with a quest to fix Sav’s internet connection so that her apartment could be connected to the world.  She’s got Comcast, and she was using an old Linksys cable modem/router with built-in wireless.  The modem kept losing its connection, and a tech suggested that we get a new modem, preferably a dedicated modem and a dedicated router.  Well, being who I am, I have multiple routers.  So I bought a new Linksys dedicated modem.  Using a Linksys router with DD-WRT I already had, I setup a new modem and router configuration that works.  Night and day difference, so if you have similar problems, I recommend this solution.  (That was boring, but I thought it would be handy if you have similar problems.)

This is getting long, but it was a great weekend.  After that small period of nerdiness on my part, Sav and I headed to Cafe Rio to meet my parents.  It’s pretty great to have your three favorite people all in one room.  Even better when that room is the Cafe Rio dining room.  My parents left me with an electic scooter.

Then the game.  The only fun part of that was being with Sav.  That’s all.

Then we took a nice walk to Velour to see CHRIS MERRITT.  He was great.  Probably my favorite live performance I’ve seen.  I highly recommend checking him out.  It was the perfect rounding out of a weekend.  And the perfect ending to a great Saturday.

Sunday was pretty chill.  Just church and then hanging out with Sav all night.  And that, my friends, is how you have the perfect weekend.

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Rite(s) of passage complete…

Yesterday I went on and on about my great morning.  Well, the whole day turned out to be great.  Sure, there was some class and homework in the middle that I didn’t care for, but the day as a whole was awesome.  Midori made curry and we started watching Om Shami Om, which I have still have to finish.  This is rite #1, because Sav told me I have to watch it.

The night did hit a hiccup when I went out to my car, a little past midnight, to find a half-sheet of paper taped to my window.  My car also had new bling–a nice boot.  Well, one phone call, 10 minutes, and $65 dollars later, my car was boot-free.  (Lesson to learn: don’t park in visitors parking for 7 hours and let that go past midnight–it was two-hour parking, no parking after 12am–oops.)  I don’t know if the booter noticed, but I was actually quite cheerful for just being booted.  Maybe it was because Sav is gorgeous? Definitely.  Maybe it was helped by the fact that I wasn’t the first one to call about getting a boot removed at the same complex? Probably.  (Don’t worry–he was also in a pretty good mood (thought not as good as me)–he was also visiting someone of the fairer sex.)  I just hope that the booter noticed my good mood–that’s all.

Well, I’ve been at BYU (gasp–not a chocolate factory?–no…) going on 4 years, and this is the first boot I have gotten.  Pretty long run of luck if you ask me (because this wasn’t the first time I could have gotten one).  It’s probably a rite (#2) of passage or something.  Hey, and on the bright side, I get points on my Amazon.com rewards card (double actually, because it’s in the first 90 days!).

The moral of the story: no matter how smoking hot your girlfriend is, you shouldn’t leave your car in 2-hour parking for 7 hours (or past midnight–even a few minutes).  Lesson learned.

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