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Entered into in 2010, when two people start living together, it is bound to interesting. And when it’s us…it’s bound to be awesome too.

It’s been a long week…

It has been a long and lonely week.  I think the only thing that made it all bearable was knowing that it was only a week.  Tomorrow I get to see my person again.  I’m excited to see her.  I’ve missed her.

In other news, it’s way too late to be up.  I fixed our blogs…again…but this time for reals. Hopefully.  Otherwise, I will have to start throwing money at the problem and hope that fixes it.

Tomorrow’s itinerary consists of waking, packing, cleaning, oil change, driving, Sav.

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In my self defense…

I’m writing this only because I know that everyone who reads my blog already read Sav’s latest post.

Her summary of our progression to sleeping in every morning is very true.  Except the light-hearted attitude we had in the first phase.  We never praised the morning.  Never.  But we did do better.  But the biggest falsehood she shared with the world was that I would play Kongregate games until I was forced to stop.  That was only true today:

We woke up late.  After breakfast and getting dressed, I was playing a few games while Sav got ready.  At 11:50 she says we really need to go.  I was like “Ok,” and I started getting ready.  Then she said she needed to be at work at 12.  With all the sleeping in, I can’t remember when she needs to be at work.  But she got there on time, and then I washed the car.

At least the 3rd phase was right.  That was pretty much today and every day last week.  Marriage is fun.

But at least we promised we’d be better….

… just like we did every day last week.

Adventures with the DMV…

The other reason I’ve been missing school and work: Sav is now Mrs. CK.

The DMV was the most fun.  Stand in line for 30 minutes to find out that she can get a new license.  Take a picture.

Wait 1 hour 20 minutes for 10+ people to be helped before us.  (One lady and her daughter seriously took 40 minutes.)

Take 10 minutes to be helped.  Sign some papers, have papers scanned.  Done.

I’m just glad that half of those people in the first line didn’t have the right papers or had to go to the main DMV office.  That would have been another hour easy.

The bank today was not quite as long.  Moral of the story: be prepared for lots of standing, waiting, sitting, waiting, signing, waiting, and running around after getting married.  And be prepared to miss school and work to get it all done, because they all go home at 5.

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Mornings are hard…

I’ve never been a morning person.  I’ve never liked getting out of bed.

So you know how when your alarm goes off in the morning, especially in the winter, all you can think is how comfy your bed is and how cold not-in-your-bed is?  How all you want to do is stay in bed?  How you hate your alarm for waking you up?  How you just want to skip class and stay in bed?  Because it’s warm.  Because it’s comfy.  Because out of bed it not warm and comfy.

Now, imagine that and add a warm and cuddly wife who also doesn’t want to get out of bed and just wants to cuddle up to you and stay in bed.

That’s why I haven’t been to my Bio 100 or Music 101 class in a week.

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Day 6…

It’s pretty freaking amazing how much you can love someone more one day than you did the day before.  I’ve been married now for 6 days, and I must say that I love it.  It’s a lot better than being single.  So for all you peeps wondering, I recommending finding someone you’re crazy about and that you get hitched.

However, cloud nine was destroyed when this giant jet plane of a cloud-buster called school greeted us yesterday.  We skipped out on the first few days, but eventually had to acknowledge that attending class was necessary.  We also realized work was important.  So now we’re back to the grindstone.

Unfortunately, having less stress from the wedding was countered with more stress from school.  Two of my classes have me in 3 different groups working on projects… which becomes just about impossible to plan.  Add in that we’re a group of 8 in one of them, and you’ve got a coordinating nightmare.  Oh, and my graduate application is due on the 15th…and I’m not sure who I will ask for letters of recommendation…I’m going crazy.

Oh, and Sav and I are both sick.

But this weekend we’re going to Idaho.  I think I’m going to apply to graduate school and them stop worrying about anything.  I think it’s a good plan.  I hope you agree.

Plus, we’ve been super blessed recently by a string of good luck in selling old books, mercy from councilors, registering for classes, and other such things.  So life is pretty good…just stressful.

Oh, and Avatar was awesome.  See it in 3D.  It’s worth every penny.  I need to see it again.  It’s for sure going on our shelves in Blu-ray.

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