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For those posts that concern either being somewhere early, being somewhere late when I should have been early, or any other reason for waking up before noon.

One of these things…

Have you tried Jamba Juice’s oatmeal?  It’s the best oatmeal I’ve ever had.  Too bad it’s organic.

However, I have a beef with either Jamba Juice or just the Jamba in the SAB on BYU campus.  Three or four times now, I’ve gotten the oatmeal.  It’s yummy and makes my tummy happy.  But the employees there do not.  Each time, I end up with far less oatmeal than I expect.

Today I asked, “Is there supposed to be less oatmeal than the pictures?”  Guy employee (who never looks happy to be there): “You’re supposed to have enough space to stir.” Um…  I don’t stir…

After I got the oatmeal, I said, “I feel skimped, because it doesn’t look like the picture.”  Girl employee (who at least looks happy to be there): “Well, that one has bananas.”  Well duh!  I’m at least that smart.

When I then directed her attention to the serving size: “Well, if it’s wetter, it will look more flat.”  Um… I don’t think that had as much to do with it as just not giving me more than two scoops.

And now the damning evidence.


What Jamba advertises (from their website):

Now that's a bowl full of oatmeal!
Right up to the rim. Just how I would like mine.



But this is what I got:

Wait...oh...yes, there's the oatmeal, barely visible.
Clearly I'm being misled. All I did is take out the spoon.



I think I’m fully justified to be bugged each time I leave–justified to think that I got less than what I just paid for.  (Especially since BYU’s Jambas never do any of the local promotions or even national promotions like the Jamba card.)  If it was only $1 like the rest of Jambas around here, I’d be ok with it.

Now comes the funny part.  I’m not actually sure I could eat more than what I’m given.  So this begs the question: is it only supposed to be a wimpy size?  Then why so expensive?  Why the overflowing pictures?  WHY????

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A correlation…

Today I had a breakthrough.  Now maybe it’s just coincidence, but I’m pretty sure that BYU hires those who don’t own computers to work in their custodial staff.  Countless times I have seen a student custodian take their 30 minute break (breaks for custodians are 30 minutes, right?) playing Farmville on the computer kiosks.  If it’s not Farmville, it’s always Facebook.  Always.

Of course, the inverse might also be true.  Maybe those poor souls just can’t go a whole 4-hour shift without harvesting those fields and sending their friends requests to get a free pony.

Either way, I’m really tired this morning.  Going to bed at 2am was a bad idea.  Stupid Heavy Rain.  You’re not even that good of a game.

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In my self defense…

I’m writing this only because I know that everyone who reads my blog already read Sav’s latest post.

Her summary of our progression to sleeping in every morning is very true.  Except the light-hearted attitude we had in the first phase.  We never praised the morning.  Never.  But we did do better.  But the biggest falsehood she shared with the world was that I would play Kongregate games until I was forced to stop.  That was only true today:

We woke up late.  After breakfast and getting dressed, I was playing a few games while Sav got ready.  At 11:50 she says we really need to go.  I was like “Ok,” and I started getting ready.  Then she said she needed to be at work at 12.  With all the sleeping in, I can’t remember when she needs to be at work.  But she got there on time, and then I washed the car.

At least the 3rd phase was right.  That was pretty much today and every day last week.  Marriage is fun.

But at least we promised we’d be better….

… just like we did every day last week.

Mornings are hard…

I’ve never been a morning person.  I’ve never liked getting out of bed.

So you know how when your alarm goes off in the morning, especially in the winter, all you can think is how comfy your bed is and how cold not-in-your-bed is?  How all you want to do is stay in bed?  How you hate your alarm for waking you up?  How you just want to skip class and stay in bed?  Because it’s warm.  Because it’s comfy.  Because out of bed it not warm and comfy.

Now, imagine that and add a warm and cuddly wife who also doesn’t want to get out of bed and just wants to cuddle up to you and stay in bed.

That’s why I haven’t been to my Bio 100 or Music 101 class in a week.

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Breakfast of champions…

Today I woke up with a headache, a throat full of gunk, and a nose full of snot.  Add to that that I had the most restless night sleep I’ve had in a while.  And top it all off with strange dreams where I’m in charge of my fiancée’s dress and clothes for the wedding, and you’ve got a really crappy morning.  Really, the only thing that got me out of bed was the promise of a hot, steamy shower where I could try and clear up some of that precious mucus.

This is the price of dating, being engaged, getting married, and most of all–kissing.  Passing the cold back and forth has become a new hobby of Sav and I.  This week it’s my turn.  It seems that as soon as one of us start clearing up, the other starts coming down with it again.  Of course, it’s all worth it.

So what did I do to combat my crappy morning?  I went to Smiths and bought doughnut holes, a big-ol’-bottle of acetaminophen, and a 16oz Mountain Dew.  I also took some antihistamine and decongestants.  And now I’m feeling much better, thanks.

So what else is going on in the life of a Chocolate King?  Well, we’re counting down the days to W-day.  It’s only 16 more.  Tomorrow I’m only going to have to use one foot to help count the days.  It’s crazy people!  There will be a chocolate queen soon.  We got our bed delivered this week.  They brought everything on Monday…only to leave us without a foundation (box spring).  Our little apartment stairs were just too narrow to fit it down, so we went back to R. C. Willey and spent another $300 to get a split queen foundation.  Ouch!  (They’re rare so they cost more $$$.)  They’ll make moving a ton easier in the future, but still–ouch.

In finished finals on Tuesday.  It was easy, as I had a scheduled final on Monday morning, and so I just had one in the testing center.  Decided to get it out of the way early.

And now there’s only 8 days until Christmas.  A week from now, we’ll be driving up north to Idaho to visit the fam-damily.  So excited.

On a nerdier front, I have been trying Google Chrome on Mac.  It’s snappy, and I like it.  The only thing it’s really lacking right now is Gears support.

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Thanks for Thanksgiving…

Never before in my life have I needed to leave Provo so badly.  I think if Sav and I stay in this town for a day longer, people across the world will watch the news tonight and see that there was a mass killing in Provo.  This isn’t because we’re disposed to kill people.  Actually, we’re quite pleasant.

The fact is that we are human and it’s been a stressful week.  And I know people can’t read our minds and know that we’re stressed, but sometimes those people get on our nerves.  And believe me, they would be the first to go when we snap.  (Maybe I should stress that Sav and I aren’t going to kill anyone.  It’s a figure of speak and a joke.)  But the stress is real.  The short fuses are real. And the people who are getting on our nerves are real.  And because they won’t go away, it’s time to get out of town.  Or we will snap in the form of words (a good deal of which might be profane).

So this year, I’m thankful for Thanksgiving.  Even if Thanksgiving is with my future in-laws who have the unique ability to stress my fiancée beyond any others.  Hopefully things go smoothly and no one gets hurt.

By the way, I love Thanksgiving.  Second to Christmas.

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One way to ruin my morning…

All I wanted to do this morning was sleep until 7 am.  I wasn’t asking a lot.  But instead, at 6 am, I heard a distant alarm go off.  It wasn’t my alarm.  I tried to ignore it, but it was just loud enough to be annoying.  One of those constant, “BEEH BEEH BEEH…” ones that never quit.  After waiting 5-10 minutes for it to quit on its own, or more hopefully because the owner or one of my roommates had turned it off, I decided I was going to have to walk down the hall, find it, and turn it off.  As I opened my door and entered the hall, something weird happened–it got quieter.  “Weird,” I thought.  Maybe it had stopped?  I stepped back in my room.  Louder.  And then it hit me–the alarm wasn’t it my apartment.  It was either the room (and thus apartment) below me or the apartment above me.  Well, this meant only one thing–I was awake and wasn’t going to sleep anymore.

Top this off with a nice stomach ache that I worried was caused by something I ate yesterday.  After leaving my apartment and feeling so much better, I drew the conclusion that it wasn’t anything I ate, but instead the foul smell of burned eggs that greeted me when I got to my apartment last night.  P.S. the alarm was still going when I left at 7.

Now people might think that I’m worried about living with Sav after marriage.  Personally, I’m so thrilled to be rid of roommates that I could shout it from the roof of the SWKT.  I can’t wait to clean up only messes that we create.  Only wash dishes that we dirty.  And only have to smell foods that we cook.  I can’t wait to have our own space.  I also can’t wait to not have to leave and go to my own apartment.  Being engaged stinks, because you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you can’t coax the driver of the train (yep, this is a train we’re riding through the tunnel) to go any faster.  But sorry all my friends still left on the other side of the tunnel, I’m not coming to visit.  But I’ll send you a postcard.

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The best parking spots are found at 7:22…

When you crawl out of bed at 7 am, and you have no milk or other means of providing a breakfast, the only solution is to continue crawling your way to the vending machines on campus.  On my way, I was greeted by a wonderful sight: a complete lack of students between my car and an eligible parking spot.  I also hit every stop light green.  Allah be praised.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but it took me this long to find this analysis of Twilight.  Now I can speak one-to-one with the people who read these poorly-written books.  This definitely made my morning so much better.

Also counting toward my good morning, I finally can read Fraulein’s blag.  I’m very excited about it because she’s my roommate and cool.

And best of all, Savitrii is online, and I’m chatting with her whilst I work.

This is shaping up to be a pretty swell day.

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A Monster saved my life…

Yesterday, I put my new hard drive in my new MacBook Pro and started the day long process of installing everything and moving my data over.  I was just about done last night when I found that Adobe CS3 didn’t like my case-sensitive choice of file system.  So when I got home last night, I decided that since I had already formatted my old MacBook I must have a working laptop, and since CS3 would help me complete my homework that was due the next day (today), I would restart the process.  And so until 5:30 in the morning, I reinstalled and recopied all of my data.  I got two hours of sleep.  Enter my life saver…

Allowed me to function today.
Allowed me to function today.

I had my first Monster today.  I stole it from my fridge (I was supposed to have a Red Bull in there, but a roommate had drank it).  Don’t worry, I bought a new one for my roommate (unlike with my Red Bull).  The Monster was delightful.  And when I went to the store to buy a replacement, I bought every flavor, so that I could find my favorite to keep on hand for days like today.  So far, M-80 is my favorite.  I had it tonight (the only drinks I had cold where the ones I bought today).  It’s 80% juice and very yummy for an energy drink.

So now I have a working laptop, I was able to finish my homework and labs, and I made it through the day without dying.  Oh, and I found out that a class I am taking is actually worth credit.  Yay!

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An excellent morning…

Today has the makings of an excellent day.  Let me list the reasons why:

  1. It’s 8:18 am and I’m already at work, making money, instead of in my bed furthering the vicious cycle of sleeping in and staying up late.
  2. I ate breakfast — usually doesn’t go hand in hand with being anywhere early for me.
  3. I woke up to a text from a beautiful girl.  Granted, she’s just a friend, but I’m still counting this one.
  4. I have a cold, open Dr. Pepper.  My father would be proud.
  5. It’s Friday.
  6. I’m going up to hang out with my cousin and his wife, and they’re just plain awesome.

The only thing that could ruin this wonderfully started day would be getting sucked into a 6 hour discussion about where to put chocolate in the warehouse.  But since that already happened this week, I think today will be ok. 🙂