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I like stories. I like action. I like watching stuff go boom. I like movies.

Two years…

Tonight we got to spend a night out without the baby. It sure is crazy how used we are to carrying around a carrier and diaper bag everywhere. A student budget didn’t allow for more than dinner and a movie, but Sav also got tickets for Wicked in August.

I want to say more about the movie we saw, but time is short, so I’ll have to post more tomorrow.

Night at the movies…

Ok, so this post is way past its due date.  I mean, Sav and I went on a cruise, and I don’t even have the decency to tell you about it?  Well, if you’re dying to know about it, Sav has already written about days 1 and 2.

So the cruise was awesome, and my favorite part was Half Moon Cay.  It was just what we needed before we start working all spring term.  If you’re looking for a great vacation where you can genuinely relax completely, a cruise is for you.  (Mind you, that doesn’t count getting too and from the boat–airplanes and airports are awful.)

So what else have I been up to?

Earlier this week, we saw Iron Man 2. Sav says we must buy it. I liked it. Not as good as the first but sequels are hard.  (Speaking of sequels, I read that the next Shrek is supposed to be the last.  Let’s hope so.)

As mentioned earlier, this week was the first of many weeks of full-time work (as we’re not taking classes).  Being in an office for 8 hours a day can be tiring.  It’s felt especially tiring this week because I have a new coworker.  With my chosen field, I really need to get used to working with socially awkward people, so maybe this is a mixed blessing, but my new coworker is just plain strange.  I’ve been tempted throughout the week to do small posts like Dr. Grumpy.  If the awkwardness continues, it’s inevitable.

And we finished up the week watching Silence of the Lambs.  Anthony Hopkins = amazing.  They just don’t make movies like they used to.  But now Sav is reading about sociopaths, specifically Ted Bundy, who creeps me out.  And that reminded me of this guy.  (I’m not saying this guy is a sociopathic murderer.  But hearing about one makes me think of the other.)

Well, now we’re going to watch The Lovely Bones.  I think serial killers are the theme of the weekend.  I cringe every time I think, “People like that exist.”  I just can’t imagine being that sick (and not the cough-cough sick, but the evil kind of sick).  I’ve shuddered like 20 times just writing this paragraph.

Tomorrow we have to babysit in nursery.  It’s only the 3rd time since we got our calling a month and a half ago, but we can’t wait until we move and don’t have it anymore.  Pray for us that we get into the apartments we want.

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Day 6…

It’s pretty freaking amazing how much you can love someone more one day than you did the day before.  I’ve been married now for 6 days, and I must say that I love it.  It’s a lot better than being single.  So for all you peeps wondering, I recommending finding someone you’re crazy about and that you get hitched.

However, cloud nine was destroyed when this giant jet plane of a cloud-buster called school greeted us yesterday.  We skipped out on the first few days, but eventually had to acknowledge that attending class was necessary.  We also realized work was important.  So now we’re back to the grindstone.

Unfortunately, having less stress from the wedding was countered with more stress from school.  Two of my classes have me in 3 different groups working on projects… which becomes just about impossible to plan.  Add in that we’re a group of 8 in one of them, and you’ve got a coordinating nightmare.  Oh, and my graduate application is due on the 15th…and I’m not sure who I will ask for letters of recommendation…I’m going crazy.

Oh, and Sav and I are both sick.

But this weekend we’re going to Idaho.  I think I’m going to apply to graduate school and them stop worrying about anything.  I think it’s a good plan.  I hope you agree.

Plus, we’ve been super blessed recently by a string of good luck in selling old books, mercy from councilors, registering for classes, and other such things.  So life is pretty good…just stressful.

Oh, and Avatar was awesome.  See it in 3D.  It’s worth every penny.  I need to see it again.  It’s for sure going on our shelves in Blu-ray.

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I can count them on my fingers…

People, it’s only 10 days until I get to start checking “Married” instead of “Single” on forms everywhere.  As the day gets closer, I’m having more of those “Wow, I’m getting married!” moments.  Ya know, the ones where you stop and pinch yourself just to make sure it’s all real.  Kinda crazy.

Anyway, what has yours truly been up to?  Not a whole lot.  We did go and see 500 Days of Summer on Monday, and we really loved it.  One of the best movies I’ve seen this year.  I’d recommend it to anyone, especially those in college.

We’ve also been working these past 3 days.  Campus is like a ghost town right now.  Everyone has left for the holidays–except Sav and I.  It’s kinda crazy.  We’ve also been moving more stuff into our place the first.  In fact, I’m completely move in.  And tomorrow we head up to Idaho to spend Christmas with my family.  We are so excited to just relax for the next 4 days.  A well-needed break.

It’s been a distracted Christmas season this year.  With the upcoming wedding, I pretty much keep forgetting that this is the time you say, “Merry Christmas!” to everyone.  Savitrii has promised that next Christmas will be so full of holiday cheer that I won’t even believe it.  I’m really excited to be close to a Christmas tree and family, so that it feels more like Christmas.  I promised Sav a Christmas tree next year, so hopefully our place the first will be more festive next year too.

Oh, we started getting wedding gifts the other day.  We got a $10 check in the mail, along with a card, from my great aunt.  Sav got so excited.  She was also very excited today when she checked our gift registry to find that someone had got us the toaster oven.  Pretty sweet, I gotta say.

Well, hopefully the holidays will be more post-worthy.  Merry Christmas!

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I saw it…

Yesterday was my third Thanksgiving away from home. My first two were spent in Argentina. Yesterday I spent with my future in-laws. And let me just say that it’s such a blessing to have family on both sides who cook excellently. Not only can my mother-in-law-to-be cook an excellent Thanksgiving feast, but she can cook said feast for 12 people. It was a full table, and full stomaches afterward. Which led Sav and I to take a wonderful nap afterward. Thanksgiving naps rock.

While that was in fact the highlight of the day, there was one thing that I wanted to post about more than any other:

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Oh, yes. I love my fiancée very much. I was willing to sit through Twilight 2 months ago with her. One of the top 5 worst movies I’ve ever seen. New Moon probably only made it to the top 10 worst movies though. This was because it was definitely a best-effort.

Addendum: Sav wanted me to make it clear that we saw both movies in order to make fun of them.

Best-effort because it was as good as you’re going to get when you’re given a screenplay taken from a book written by Stephenie Meyer. The dialog was laughably awful (and laugh we did). And the dreadful puns made me want to bash my head in. Ok, we get it–werewolves are like big dogs, but that’s no reason to have crappy dialog. No reason.

Not quite as bad as the material from which this movie sprang from, but trying hard to reach that pit of awfulness, was the acting. My favorite actor was obviously Dakota Fanning as she was awesome. Too bad she only had 3 lines. (Ok, maybe it was more, but it wasn’t more than I can count on my two hands, maybe just one.) Second favorite actor?  Anna Kendrick. She plays Jessica. She’s hotter than Kristen Stewart. She can deliver a line without blinking 37 times. And Jessica is just plain cooler than Bella. I kinda think the third movie should take a page from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and have Jessica realize that the Cullens are vampires and go on a killing spree. Jacob could help her (more on that guy later). Of course, Jessica would have to kill Bella. Because Bella wants to be a vampire.

Now as disgusting as I thought it was that the producers would have 17-year-old Taylor Lautner taking steroids, or even just looking as if he had, out of the big three in this movie, he was the star. He was able to say his craptastic lines without blinking like an idiot (sorry Kristen and Robert–you cannot). Still, however star he was in the invariable cast of bad acting, was it completely necessary to have his shirt constantly off? Hearing adult women ogling him makes cringe. He’s a mere 17 years old ladies. In most states, that’s still illegal. That all said, I still think they could save this whole mess by having Jacob and Jessica kill everyone. Bella: dead. Edward: dead. Books: dead. Movies: saved.

However, that isn’t going to happen. Why? Because Bella wants to be a vampire. And nothing will stop the awfulness until she is a vampire. We’re powerless to watch Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson deliver bad lines badly. How hard is it to say 5 words without blinking?  Then again, maybe I haven’t caught the vision. Maybe the director told them, “You know, your characters really suck. I think they would be better played if you blinked once before each word. Yes, that’s better. And again after each word, so that’s twice between words. Yes, that makes your characters look more true to form. But we’re not quite there. Now see how many times you can blink while saying the words themselves.” The director was thrilled. “Kristen, you’re a master. You managed to blink 109 times in that 20 second scene. How do you do it?”  “It’s easy, Chris. I just try remembering my lines, and my head starts hurting, and I just blink.” “Amazing. Just amazing. But 109 times?” “Well, I sometimes it helps when I think about Robert’s left nipple, how it’s got that weird ring around it, and how it’s lower than the right one. Also how his treasure trail really looks good after the special effects crew adds the glistening effect to his chest.” “That’s true Kristen, but please don’t mention Pattison’s chest. I just had lunch, and I’d like to keep it down. I’ve been having nightmares for weeks now because of that scene.” R.P.: “Hey, has anyone seen my nipple cream?” (Blinks 35 times.) “Oh, and Taylor says that he needs more steroids.” Chris Weitz vomits.

I’m bored talking about New Moon. I am glad I saw it so that I can fairly say that it sucks. Good effort, but if Twilight will ever be more than crap, it’s going to need a new cast, and scrapping the books as screen play material.

by Stephanie Meyer
A more fitting book cover.

P.S. the soundtrack sucks.

Learn more about how Bella wants to be a vampire.

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Not all iPods are created equal…

Hello world!  It’s been an eventful week.  AT&T finally let us iPhone users send MMS (which I think was much ado about nothing).  I realized that I can save photos from the web now on my iPhone.  And I saw Pan’s Labyrinth, among other things.

Pan’s Labyrinth wasn’t what I expected.  I read this on Wikipedia:

In 2007, del Toro noted the striking similarities between his film and Disney’s The Chronicles of Narnia: both films are set around the same time, have similar child-age principal characters, mythic creatures (particularly the fauns), and themes of “disobedience and choice.” Says del Toro: “This is my version of that universe, not only ‘Narnia,’ but that universe of children’s literature.”[48] In fact, del Toro was asked to direct The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe but turned it down for Pan’s Labyrinth.[48]

In addition to Narnia, Pan’s Labyrinth has also been compared to films such as Gabor Csupo’s Bridge to Terabithia and Jim Henson’s Labyrinth.[49][50] Del Toro himself has noted similarities with The Spirit of the Beehive.[51]

Ok, if you read that, wouldn’t you think, “Oh, Pan’s Labyrinth is a movie like The Chronicles of Narnia“?  That’s what I thought.  Couldn’t have been more wrong.  This was the movie that nightmares are made of.  The little girl dies!  I mean, in most kids’ books and movies, the main character never dies, even in Harry Potter, when we all were hoping Harry would die and instead J.K. killed off Dumbledore.  Anyway, not what I expected.  I think if it would have just said it was like Bridge to Terabithia, I wouldn’t have been so surprised.  Del Toro is a bit, um, twisted.  Still–a pretty good movie.

This week I’ve also fallen more in love with my iPod nano.  It’s red, and it always plays me the best music on shuffle.  It has Genius, and I love it.  I seriously think it is capable of picking better random songs than my old iPod or my iPhone.  Maybe it’s because I use Genius from a song I want to hear right then, but even when I just shuffle, I get better luck than my old 5th generation iPod.  Maybe I’m crazy.  We can’t dismiss that.  What I do know is that I’m very happy that I got it free with my new MacBook Pro.

Sav linked to this cool music video on her blog.  I downloaded the album.  Big let down.  Starts strong, ends weak.  It is super mellow music though, so if you’re into that, it’s for you: The Opposite of the Sea by Oren Lavie.

Oh, and I wanted to share this random photo with you all:

Looks like someone went to Macey's.  This one is going to be a bugger for the bag boy.
Looks like someone went to Macey's. This one is going to be a bugger for the bag boy.

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Chris Merritt rocks…

This weekend has easily been the best weekend of my life.  Friday was date night.  Started off looking for sustenance.  Went to Jason’s Deli–always a winner.  Then Sav and I went out to the Riverwoods to see 9.  We were a bit early, so we stopped at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.  The Apple Pie Apple is probably my favorite thing to eat.  (Though the southwest burrito from Jason’s was very good too–recommended.)  So after buying apples and some new clothes, we headed to the movie.  We liked it.  Very visually appealing, very good story telling.

We also saw the previews to the new Christmas Carol film coming out from Disney.  Looks amazing (credit I think goes to the company Disney has working with them).  Also, Surrogates looks pretty cool.  We’ve added these two to the Perpetual Movie List.

So after snogging Sav in the parking lot at the Riverwoods, we came back and hung out.  Awesome Friday.

Saturday–started with french toast breakfast.  I love my new griddle!  One of the best $20 ever spent.  Nicely fed, we went shopping.  Sav is a great sister (not mine–that would make the aforementioned snogging something that’s only permissible in Bancroft).  She bought groceries for her brother–best sister ever.

The day continued with a quest to fix Sav’s internet connection so that her apartment could be connected to the world.  She’s got Comcast, and she was using an old Linksys cable modem/router with built-in wireless.  The modem kept losing its connection, and a tech suggested that we get a new modem, preferably a dedicated modem and a dedicated router.  Well, being who I am, I have multiple routers.  So I bought a new Linksys dedicated modem.  Using a Linksys router with DD-WRT I already had, I setup a new modem and router configuration that works.  Night and day difference, so if you have similar problems, I recommend this solution.  (That was boring, but I thought it would be handy if you have similar problems.)

This is getting long, but it was a great weekend.  After that small period of nerdiness on my part, Sav and I headed to Cafe Rio to meet my parents.  It’s pretty great to have your three favorite people all in one room.  Even better when that room is the Cafe Rio dining room.  My parents left me with an electic scooter.

Then the game.  The only fun part of that was being with Sav.  That’s all.

Then we took a nice walk to Velour to see CHRIS MERRITT.  He was great.  Probably my favorite live performance I’ve seen.  I highly recommend checking him out.  It was the perfect rounding out of a weekend.  And the perfect ending to a great Saturday.

Sunday was pretty chill.  Just church and then hanging out with Sav all night.  And that, my friends, is how you have the perfect weekend.

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