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The old school trend continues…

For about a month now, Sav has been trying to get me interested in shaving with an old double-edge safety razor.  She got an old Gillette at a thrift shop, and loves it.  I was doing some late-night shopping at Walmart last night a stumbled upon a safety razor.  Apparently there are some companies that now make them (in China), but there must be a market, so they’re being produced.  Sav paid about the same as this was going for new, and not being one to browse thrift shops, I decided to jump on this bandwagon.

Sav was excited, and it wasn’t long before she’d shown/explained just how much of a community of enthusiasts there is.  Some are near obsessed with the “art”, I guess.  I don’t plan on getting obsessed.  I’ve got enough obsessions to last be a while, and I prefer to be obsessed about things like mechanical keyboards or fountain pens.  I don’t think I like shaving enough to become obsessed with “the art of shaving”.

Nonetheless, I tried it out for the first time today.  Definitely a bit of a learning curve, and definitely different, but I have to say that I think that my first time shaving with a double-edge razor was just as good as I’ve ever had with my Gillette Mach 3.  The shave soap is a lot more fun than an aerosol can.  Using the brush made me feel like a boss.

I might have to get my dad into it as well.  Thanks to the internet, you can get supplies on the cheap very easily.

I can hear Sav wrestling our son in the other room—sounds like he’s getting into something.  Better go check on that, as well as check on the top round London broil that’s smoking in the Traeger.

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Testing out the new keyboard…

Don’t you love the sound of the doorbell when you’re expecting a package?  It’s like a miniature Christmas morning.  I have to say, I don’t think I really knew what to expect in a mechanical keyboard, other than figuring it would be a lot like the old keyboard that I sometimes use at work (not my computer — it’s an old Hänel inventory system).  It is very similar, only my new keyboard feels, well, newer.

It’s definitely a different experience.  It’s a more pleasant tactile experience.  You don’t have to wait for your fingers to be abruptly stopped in order to get feedback, or for the character to register.  Moreover, the sound that the keyboard makes when the switch actuates is pleasant and gives immediate feedback.  It’s a lot like typing on a manual typewriter, but requires much less movement of each key.  But a very pleasant sounds as each character is typed is there.

So my five minute review of the CODE Mechanical Keyboard:


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Going mechanical…

I’m geeking out over my most-recent nerd upgrade.  A mechanical keyboard.  And not just any mechanical keyboard, but a mechanical keyboard designed specifically for programmers.


The funny thing is that this will probably end up being at work 90+% of the time, since I don’t actually do a lot of programming at home.  (But maybe that would change if I had a keyboard like this.)  Anyway, my work keyboard is just a cheap generic HP keyboard that came with my PC.  I swapped it out for a Microsoft Natural Keyboard for about a week before switching back.  But the cheap keyboard isn’t pleasant to type on.  Indeed, I would prefer my laptop keyboard to the one I have at work.

So I’m joining the keyboard cult (a term used by Jeff Atwood, co-creator of the CODE keyboard).  I’m pretty excited about it.  I spend 90% of my working day in from on my computer, and probably 90% of that with both hands on the keyboard.  If this makes that time more enjoyable, then I’m all in.  I just hope the keyboard isn’t too loud.  I mean, a little bit would be great, but not too much.

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