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One of four things that I never have enough of. Always needed. Always too short.

Things to look foward to…

After my last post, I decided to write about something that doesn’t make me want to hurt Cougareat employees.

Here’s a list of things I’m looking forward to:  (in no particular order)

  1. Sav’s last killer classes Monday.  (She doesn’t like being on campus until 7.)
  2. Last week of classes.  (I’m not in them, but Sav will be happier.)
  3. Only 19 days ’til Christmas!
  4. Christmas music!  (We bought more on Amazon.com.  The funny part is it’s all old stuff we grew up with.)
  5. Being back in school.  (If only because it means that I’ll be done sooner.  Also because then Sav won’t think I’m such a bum.)
  6. Getting a Caramel Apple Spice on our trip home for Christmas.
  7. Going to Lava Hot Springs again.
  8. Going to Cold Stone with my family.  (I must have the cinnamon bun batter ice cream again!)
  9. Eating Christmas goodies and food.
  10. The rest of my orange juice.  (There was more when I started this post.)
  11. Giving Sav here Christmas presents.
  12. Staying in Salt Lake for our anniversary and spending the day together.
  13. Not going to our ward for 2 weeks.  (To my ward: seriously guys, you need to stop spamming our email inboxes.  It only makes us hate you.)
  14. Decorating our Christmas tree tonight.
  15. Putting presents under said tree.

Well, that’s 15 good things I have coming.  Just wanted y’all (all 5 of ya) to know that I’m not a pessimist and good things do happen to me.

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Because Sav told me to…

The other day, Sav told me I hadn’t posted in a month…sorry guys (all 6 of you).  But after my last post, she was more specific about her request.  “You need to post about something not technology.”  So here I am.

Let’s see.  Since my birthday last month, I have successfully aged to 25.1.  I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Engineering.  I applied to the Computer Science Master’s program at BYU.  I started a business and became an independent contractor in order to keep working at my job (but that’s kinda on the D.L.).  And I rooted my phone (and since my last post got that black status bar I wanted).  Oh, and I got Castle Crashers for my PS3.

We’ve also been to family reunions, visited both sides of the family, and gone to our new ward another time.

Well, that was the last month in about 100 words.  But it was a lot of fun.  In particular, visiting Sav’s family, we got to play around in her old stomping grounds up in the mountains.  And we went boating some more with my family, and I’m getting pretty good at that wake surfing.

But anyway, I have to go and delete a bunch of files from a sever, create a panic, and then fix it miraculously.  Should be a lot of awesome.

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Night at the movies…

Ok, so this post is way past its due date.  I mean, Sav and I went on a cruise, and I don’t even have the decency to tell you about it?  Well, if you’re dying to know about it, Sav has already written about days 1 and 2.

So the cruise was awesome, and my favorite part was Half Moon Cay.  It was just what we needed before we start working all spring term.  If you’re looking for a great vacation where you can genuinely relax completely, a cruise is for you.  (Mind you, that doesn’t count getting too and from the boat–airplanes and airports are awful.)

So what else have I been up to?

Earlier this week, we saw Iron Man 2. Sav says we must buy it. I liked it. Not as good as the first but sequels are hard.  (Speaking of sequels, I read that the next Shrek is supposed to be the last.  Let’s hope so.)

As mentioned earlier, this week was the first of many weeks of full-time work (as we’re not taking classes).  Being in an office for 8 hours a day can be tiring.  It’s felt especially tiring this week because I have a new coworker.  With my chosen field, I really need to get used to working with socially awkward people, so maybe this is a mixed blessing, but my new coworker is just plain strange.  I’ve been tempted throughout the week to do small posts like Dr. Grumpy.  If the awkwardness continues, it’s inevitable.

And we finished up the week watching Silence of the Lambs.  Anthony Hopkins = amazing.  They just don’t make movies like they used to.  But now Sav is reading about sociopaths, specifically Ted Bundy, who creeps me out.  And that reminded me of this guy.  (I’m not saying this guy is a sociopathic murderer.  But hearing about one makes me think of the other.)

Well, now we’re going to watch The Lovely Bones.  I think serial killers are the theme of the weekend.  I cringe every time I think, “People like that exist.”  I just can’t imagine being that sick (and not the cough-cough sick, but the evil kind of sick).  I’ve shuddered like 20 times just writing this paragraph.

Tomorrow we have to babysit in nursery.  It’s only the 3rd time since we got our calling a month and a half ago, but we can’t wait until we move and don’t have it anymore.  Pray for us that we get into the apartments we want.

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